The Greth Family

The Ohana Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)3, not for profit organization, founded in 2015 by Kyle & Amy Greth. The foundation was created in honor of their late baby boy, Noah.



Our goal is for every family that has lost a baby to feel support from a network of other families that had similar experiences.



The mission of the Ohana Foundation is to support families in the Capital Region of Albany, NY that have lost a baby by providing them with financial assistance for funeral expenses and long term emotional support.



Noah's Life

Noah was born on February 16th 2014, at 24 weeks gestation. Although he was small, he left a huge gaping hole in our hearts that can only ever be filled by him.


On the day of his funeral and burial, Noah showed us his beautiful colors. An unexpected rainbow stretched across the sky on a cold, winter day. This was Noah and God's way of letting us know he was safe. The rainbow was also a reminder of our eternal future, the one in which we get to hold our son again someday.



The Stigma

The loss of a child at any age is the most devasting loss. Our hope for the Ohana Foundation is to eliminate the stigma that baby loss is reserved for silent suffering.



The Hawaiians have a special meaning for this word that is so beautifully connected to our cause. Ohana means family and never leaving behind or forgetting our family. When no one talks about your baby who died, you think everyone has forgotten. Ohana Foundation is built on the belief that together we need to talk, remember, and honor our baby because they existed and are just as much loved as living children.

"Your magneficient colors ever shine upon me and I reflect your light onto the world."